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The Whit

Check out the article about me and Future Vision in The Whit!

October's Curious Parents Magazine

"Future Vision from a Recent Rowan Graduate" is part of October's Curious Parents Magazine. Check out the actual magazine or read the article on their website!

Coming soon to The Whit!

I just got off the phone with Shannon Connelly, features editor for The Whit at Rowan University! I graduated from Rowan summa cum laude as a journalism major in December '09. Check out the article about me and Future Vision on Thursday!

Gloucester County Times Article Out Today!

Check out the article about me and Future Vision in the Gloucester County Times!

Gloucester County Times

I just did an interview with Erica Bauwens of the Gloucester County Times!  The interview was a lot of fun!  I'll post soon with when the article will be out in the paper.

Future Vision's Digital Copy


The Summer is Over

The summer is officially over for me.  My husband, an elementary school teacher, went back to work today.  While I will miss our summertime activities and the flexibility of our joint schedule, the fall will get me back on a regimented work schedule.

Working at home, I have to be sure that I am somewhat strict with myself so that I don't end up watching 30 episodes of House Hunters on HGTV or just reading Diana Gabaldon's The Fiery Cross and getting no work done on my own book.  (That is a really good book, though!)

The fall is really pretty where I am.  When I write on my laptop at the dining room table, I can see a big tree in my backyard through the back door.  It turns all sorts of beautiful colors in the fall, and it makes me feel very comfortable, happy, and imaginative.  Also, as an added bonus, at least my oldest dog loves messing with dried leaves, and so I will be able to actually write for blocks of time without one of them whining at me for one thing or another. (T…