Risking a Life

Cover Art by SF Varney
Constantly surrounded by luxury, but unable to partake in it, eighteen-year-old maid Louisa West is unsatisfied with her life. On New Year’s Eve 1854, though, she gains knowledge that will change her life forever. A man tells her of a demon in the woods—a demon who offers wagers resulting in either unfathomable fortune or irreversible loss. If the person wins, they gain a promised reward. If they lose, the cost is the life of another person. Finding that she can no longer take her current circumstances, Louisa desperately seeks out the mysterious demon. She gambles the life of a fellow servant to find romance with the dashing and wealthy William Knight. As time unfolds, Louisa realizes that she has made a terrible mistakeone that could lead to death and lost love.

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Metal Lunchbox Publishing 2016


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