An Unremarkable Girl

Cover Art by SF Varney
Krisanna Wether happily lived in a peaceful farming village until it was raided and her people were enslaved by a neighboring kingdom. She finds herself in a dangerous situation where she is mistaken for a traveling princess. While living under this false identity, Krisanna meets a handsome, kind enemy soldier who makes her question her hatred towards her captors. Her feelings toward him blossom, enveloping him in her dangerous web of deceit. Krisanna's efforts to free her family and people take this once seemingly unremarkable farm girl on a journey as a prisoner, a princess, a fugitive, a foreigner, a member of nobility, and more. She soon discovers that in order to save her people and the man she has grown to love, she will have to make difficult decisions that challenge her definitions of good and evil.

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Metal Lunchbox Publishing 2011


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